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Voicebuy Virtual Calling Cards, Call Back and Pinless Services


calling cardsIn the era of globalization and extension of markets, communication has become an essential term for efficiency and profitability for many businesses. Taking this into consideration, Voicebuy additionally offers small and medium size business enterprises widely accepted options for making international calls – Calling Card, Call Back and Pinless, all operated and assisted with IVR.

Virtual Calling Cards


Generate a virtual calling card and make an international VoIP call wherever you are. You will need to create a calling card in your account in the special menu, a PIN number will be generated for you by the system, call the Access Number for your area and you will be connected to the Voicebuy IVR, which will prompt the given PIN from you. After you input the PIN all is set and ready to go. The charge for calling will be taken from your account balance according to the calling plan you selected.

For more info on how to create and use Voicebuy Calling Card, Call Back and Pinless services, check out our user guide.


Call Back Service


In case you want to make a call to a country from where the call is cheaper than from your location, you can use Voicebuy call back service. Before using this service, you need to register your caller ID in Voicebuy system. Calling from the registered number you will hear ring tones, you should hang up then. You will receive immediately a call back from the system and Voicebuy IVR will prompt you to make a call, which will be much cheaper. Your account balance will be charged for the duration of the call to your number and from you to the recipient according to the calling plan chosen.


Pinless Service


As the name suggests this service is used without a PIN, in all other things it is like ordinary calling card service. To be able to use this service, you have to register a Caller ID, which can be a number from a country you are traveling to or where you are already situated. When you call from that number to the Voicebuy IVR access number, the system will by itself detect your caller ID and will attach it to your account. After that, you are ready to make a call. Call rates are charged from your account balance according to the chosen calling plan.


What is IVR?


IVR – Interactive Voice Response in its classical definition is a pre-recorded voice menu, the objective of which is to facilitate the communication between the caller and the company. The IVR voice menu prompts you to make an input on your touch-tone keypad and then directs to the company unit you want to call to or presents you the information according to your situation. IVR’s are recorded in a way that they consider all possible situations, for example, what the system will prompt in case of wrong or delayed input. For example, you call to your water provider, and the IVR menu prompts you to input a number for water shortages after you input the number you hear a female voice notifying you that water will be resumed in an hour. Other examples may be hearing your call duration, balance information, learning your flight schedule times or changes, PIN input prompts, product details or order status, current theater or cinema shows and their start times, bills owed for some service, etc. IVRs can be used to initiate calls to customers for difference notifications as well.  Voicebuy offers you IVR service which is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and Chinese.
Generate virtual calling cards, use Voicebuy Call Back and Pinless services and make an international VoIP calls wherever you are!